3 ways a Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) makes your company more profitable

A Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is a technique to assess the total environmental impact of a product. It analyses the footprint during all stages of its lifetime. LCA is a sound investment as it leads to added value to your company in different ways.

1. Save money

Life Cycle Assessments help you identify where you can save costs. Traditionally organisations focus on saving costs within their own four walls. However, using LCAs leads to even greater cost savings. For example: tissue paper Van Houtum Mill uses LCAs to analyse potential options to improve its value chain. For its fibre containing waste stream they discovered that cooperating with corrugated board mill Smurfit Kappa to recycle the fibres in the stream, is a superior option to incineration. This resulted in a cooperation that benefits both mills. The tissue paper mill reduces its disposal costs, and the board mill gains a cheap fibre source. At the same time the whole value chain benefits as the fibres are recovered and the material efficiency is increased.

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