Conference on female entrepreneurship in Niger

Managing Director of Partners for Innnovation Niger, Rakiatou Gazibo, will give a speech on september the 17th at a conference of the Council of Nigerans in France (Conseil des Nigériens de France) in Paris. The conference revolves around  female intrepreneurs who want to start a new business.

On the side lines

Many talented women are apprehensive to start their own business or  merely operate on the side lines. At the conference, women are invited to share their experiences and they can get constructive comments on their ideas and current activities. The Council envisions a dynamic female community and further cooperation with parties concerned.

Entrepreneurs in Niger

Rakiatou Gazibo is an expert in agriculture, livestock and food science entrepreneurship. She promotes rural entrepreneurship -including agroforestry- in smallholder livelihoods, establishing links between both entrepreneurs, government services and financiers. Her activities have a particular concern for women and youth.

Improve the financial position

The event wants to be the springboard for women who have entrepreneurial ambitions. To support them financially, the Council will provide funding in order to enhance women’s financial position.


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