Dutch Agreement on Resources paves way to circular economy

On January 24th the Dutch government and 180 parties signed the Agreement on Resources. Partners for Innovation too, was one of the signers.

It is agreed that in 2050 that the Dutch economy is completely ‘circular’. To accomplish this, every party (research institutes, companies, governmental bodies) formulated its own ambitions.

Our mission: closing material cycles

Our mission is to close material cycles by working with partners on:
  • products and packaging that are fully recyclable
  • high value secondary material streams
  • litter prevention
  • products made of recyclable materials (biobased/recycled and in some cases biodegradable)
  • smart technology supporting Circular Economy
  • products and packaging with a positive (environmental) impact

And this is what we do:


  • set up and coordinate circular innovation projects with (chain)partners
  • give CIRCO Design Classes and Business Design Tracks
  • conduct Life Cycle Assessments & Quick scans
  • have written the “Guidelines designing with recycled plastics” and we can support companies in implementing the guidelines
  • carry out surveys and feasibility studies
  • write successful project proposals to obtain financing


Beside signing the Agreement on Resources, Partners for Innovation plays an active role in the creation of the Supply Chain Agreement on Plastics. We work together with partners in the supply chain on appliances for PHA and in another project we are looking for ways to solve the problems in the silicon sealant tubes in the plastics cycle.


Ingeborg Gort-Duurkoop  i.gort@partnersforinnovation.com

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