European conference on plastics

Plastics are an integral part of our daily life. They  changed our society fundamentally in the previous century. Being moldable, strong and cheap they present many advantages. However, plastics also pose a number of complex problems.

EU plastics conferentie

Bundling of powers

Opportunities as well as challenges arise around design, sustainablity, collection, recycling, incineration etc. At present we don’t have all the answers to these questions. Reason enough for the Dutch ministry of Infrastructure & Environment to organise an international conference where experts can come together, meet, debate and co-create.

High end products

At the European conference on the 8 th and 9th of December stakeholders from every part of the value chain come together. The main challenge will be to remove barriers and co-create the conditions to close the plastics cycle. Partners for Innovation will host one of the round table discussions on high end products.



Earlier this year the Guidelines Designing with Recycled Plastics came out. The Guidelines inform on different uses of recycled plastics; from the strategic choice to use recycled plastics to marketing and communication to the public. The Guidelines presents some innovative case studies by AKG, Cumapol, Curver, Océ, Philips en Schoeller Allibert.


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