Agroforestry Entrepeneurship


Partners for Innovation has been working on Agroforestry-based Entrepreneurship with among others :

  • Oxfam, MOORIBEN and FCMNiya in Niger
  • AgriProFocus in Niger
  • Oxfam in Nigeria
  • Oxfam, Experna and SY-AFD in Tambacounda and the Casamance in Senegal
  • The Royal Netherlands Embassy in Senegal
  • Oxfam and Stop Sahel in Mali
  • Oxfam-Novib in The Netherlands

More information about the FarmTree Approach?
Contact: Rakiatou Gazibo

FarmTree® Approach

The FarmTree Approach is used by Partners for Innovation to engage private funding for Agroforestry promotion and allow farmers to benefit from trees.

Why Agroforestry?

Agroforestry is a traditional farmers’ practice that development programmes promoted in the 1990s-2000s. In the 2010s it appears that public funding alone cannot support the necessary scaling of Agroforestry.


FarmTree® Approach

In Africa, we are applying the FarmTree® Approach to support smallholder farmers to grow trees as part of their Agriculture system. Partners for Innovation wants “everybody to grow trees and earn”: smallholder entrepreneurs need the skills and rights to grow, harvest, and sell tree products. The FarmTree® Approach guides Agroforestry business planning for women, men and youth; drawing on rural economy, crop simulation, and multi-stakeholder know-how.