Partners for Innovation Bio-energy Project Finance:

  • Bio2Watt
  • Ghana Energy Commission
  • GIZ
  • Worldbank

More information about Bio-energy potential?
Contact: Peter Vissers or Emiel Hanekamp.

Bioenergy project finance

Our goal of Bioenergy project finance is to help achieve profitable and responsible biomass chains in the Netherlands, Europe and Sub-Sahara Africa.

How can we help?

  • Market research and biomass surveys
  • Pre-certification of biomass production (pre-audits, roadmaps, training)
  • Carbon credit development (CDM) (consultancies)
  • Sector development, business development, financing, due diligence
  • Capacity building, pilot projects, feasibility studies

Bio2Watt is a South-African project development company setting-up biogas and bio-energy projects, using agricultural and other organic waste to produce electricity. Partners for Innovation provided technical assistance to Bio2Watt; acquiring project funding, developing carbon credits and carried out a project sustainability assessment.