The Finance Catalyst – open for project proposals

From September Partners for Innovation is welcoming project proposals on renewable energy in Sub Saharan Africa. Working for the Finance Catalyst, we offer support & advice on project development, -structuring and finance. The Finance Catalyst links small-and medium-scale renewable energy projects to finance opportunities.

Africa-EU Energy Partnership

De Finance Catalyst is carried out through the RECP (the Africa-EU Renewable Energy Cooperation Programme). The RECP is a multi-donor programme that supports the development of markets for renewable energy in Africa. It was launched by more than 35 African and European Ministers and Commissioners under the Africa-EU Energy Partnership (AEEP).


Project proposals can be submitted online through the RECP website. The advisory support is available to all proposals that meet a number of criteria. Only projects with a cumulative generation capacity between 0.5-50 MW or aggregated investments in the range of € 1-70 million are eligible (this can include distributed generation). Also, projects must be situated in sub-Saharan Africa. The remaining criteria are found on the RECP website.

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Thomas Dietz

Peter Vissers