ICL Fertilizers and province of North Holland invest in circular fertilizer

ICL fertilizers has started a project to produce circular fertilizer by extracting phosphate from waste ashes. The Port of Amsterdam can become the first location worldwide producing this type of fertilizer.

ICL partners for innovation

ICL is one of the largest producers of fertilizer in the world with plants spread over five continents. In Europe nearly all phospates are imported.

Growing demand

Phosphate is an essential element of fertilizer in order to grow food. ICL uses phosphate rock a mineral  resource that is only limited available. Because of its limited availabitity and growing demand, finding a good alternative is of vital importance.  So far, this vital ingredient is only used once and then disappears through the food chain in residues, animal manure and sewage water.

Closing the phosphate cycle

ICL is investing, financially aided by the province of North Holland, in a installation that uses waste ashes for the production of fertilizer. Partners for Innovation supported ICL with the project proposal. The main goal of the project is closing the phosphate cycle: using a valuable ingredient more than once.



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ICL website

Province of North-Holland website on circular economy (Dutch)