LIFE: EU funding for a better coordination of interests

By signing the agreement this week on LIFE funding by Mw. Sonnema, general manager of the ministry of Economic Affairs, Dutch nature policy will receive a financial aid of 10.5 million euros. This funding will be used for a better coordination of interests in areas where pressure on environment, economic interests and safety measures are often conflicting.

LIFE EU funding

Delta areas

The ministry of Economic Affairs is primarily responsible for the Dutch nature policy. Its execution, however, is in the hands of a number of organisations, such as the ministry of Environment & Infrastructure, the Provinces, the Water boards, Staatsbosbeheer  and other conservation agencies.

The focus of the conservation projects is the delta areas. These are the so called wet nature areas. They count for a large part (80%) of our nature areas.


Coordination of different interests can be time consuming and sometimes leads to delays. Especially in areas (around the Dutch main rivers) where there can be tensions between safety, environmental and economic aspects, a thorough analysis is essential. The funding will be used for a policy model that facilitates an improved coordination.

Crown on two years of work

The signing of the agreement is the crowning achievement of the work of Ms. Wendy Olivier, of the ministry of Economic Affairs, who has put endless effort in getting the 23 partners together and finalising a joint proposal plan.

The European funding makes a considerable contribution; it completes the national budget with 60%. Partners for Innovation facilitated ‘writing sessions’ with the project partners. These meetings resulted in the broad outline of the project proposal. Furthermore we have assisted in writing the concept note (first step in the submission process) and in writing the final version of the plan on basis of the evaluation by the European Commission.


Peter Karsch