Thomas Dietz

Advisor  Sustainable Innovation & Sustainable Biomass

I  support companies and governments in realizing energy- and climate goals. By combining my  knowledge in the field of sustainable use of resources and energy with my personal interest in innovation I can  provide companies and governments with clear, up-to-date, and result-oriented advice.

My mission:  realizing the  2030 Sustainable Development Goals; clean and affordable energy for all.

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) | Renewable energy in Sub Saharan Africa | Cooking fuels | Bio-energy and Biofuels

I have two years of experience as a consultant in quantifying sustainability through Life Cycle Assessments (LCA), and two years of experience in renewable energy projects. For my  MSc thesis research at the Agricultural Economic Institute of the Wageningen UR, I  researched the opportunities and constraints of the development of professional urban agriculture in Amsterdam.

MSc Environment & Resource Management (VU University, Amsterdam), BSc Future Planet Studies (University of Amsterdam) and Conflict Studies (University of Amsterdam).

m +31 6 23 25 7556
e   t.dietz[at]

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