A powerboat that doesn’t leave a trace

Clean, fast and style are the key words that describe the new electric powerboat developed by Edorado Marine. In their Edorado 7S project, they present a sustainable alternative for conventional combustion engine driven powerboats. By realizing the scaled prototype, the zero emissions company from the Netherlands is one step closer to fulfilling its ambition.  A complete system needed for fast electric power boating including (fast) charging.

Energy dock

To make an electric vehicle, you cannot simply swap the combustion engine for an electric one. In the Edorado 7S project, not only a motorboat is being developed that is fully based on electric propulsion but alongside a solar energy dock in which the boat charges. And next to that, specially designed software to manage essential use features and facilitate time-sharing.

Eco design

Partners for Innovation assists Edorado in acquiring funding for the project and has provided input in the development stage from the perspective of eco design principles. These principles ensure that the environmental impact of the speedboat will be as low as possible.


Peter Karsch p.karsch@partnersforinnovation.com

Edorado: Godert van Hardenbroek: godert@edoradomarine.com


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