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Formula Zero – Race Kart

Formula Zero kart

Client: Formula Zero BV
Period: 2006 - 2007

Formula Zero is developing a race kart powered by fuel cells using hydrogen as fuel, with the aim to demonstrate this technology and speed up the introduction of hydrogen as a transport fuel.

For the broad introduction of hydrogen as a transport fuel, various technological developments are necessary, for instance in the field of hydrogen storage and fuel cell technology. Furthermore, there is an importance non-technological barrier that needs to be overcome: acceptance of this new technology by the public at large. In the perception of a lot of people, there are important disadvantages connected with the use of hydrogen as a fuel, mainly related to safety and to the performance specifications of the vehicles. With the fuel cell kart, Formula Zero will show that driving on hydrogen can, apart from environment friendly, also be safe, fast and fun.

During the development of the fuel cell kart, technological innovations are incorporated in a number of specific features. In the design of the kart, ultra-light components and materials are utilised as much as possible. Furthermore, the kart is equipped with a smart power management system that will optimise the use of and balance between the power generated by the fuel cell and a number of super capacitors that will deliver additional power necessary for fast acceleration. Another innovative feature is the exchangeable hydrogen cartridge that is developed for a safe storage and transportation of hydrogen.

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