Stakeholder Workshop Institutional Biogas Ghana

On 27 August, Emiel Hanekamp gave a presentation about the feasibility study on institutional biogas in Ghana. The workshop was attended by 30 key stakeholders from government institutes, NGO’s, private enterprises and research institutes in Ghana.

Research partner Julius Ahiekpor (bioenergy expert, lecturer Kumasi Polytechnik and director CEESD) presented the preliminary findings of the feasibility study:

Preliminary findings of the feasibility study:

  1. Biogas systems are technically feasible but securing long term sustainability is important
  2. Institutional biogas systems seem economically viable
  3. Social and cultural challenges do exists but do not seem to be a show stopper
  4. Well-functioning biogas systems have several positive environmental impacts
  5. Investment costs for biogas systems prevent increased uptake by public institutions
  6. An interdepartmental approach (policies and enforcement), targeting sanitation, energy and agriculture, is needed to make institutional biogas a success.

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