3 Sustainable Plastic Products

Three Dutch plastics manufacturers developed three new sustainable plastic products that are less harmful to the environment: Oerlemans Plastics, Timmerije and Schoeller Arca Systems.

The products are developed under the project ‘Durable Plastic Products’, part of the Long-term agreement on energy efficiency (LTA). The product innovations were presented in June 2012.

  • Reduce food waste: Oerlemans Plastics worked with its customer Beko Packaging to develop smarter bread packaging to reduce bread waste at consumer level;
  • Replacement of harmful substances: Timmerije and her client Vanderlande Industries researched alternative materials for plastic parts of the Crossorter, an energy efficient distribution conveyor;
  • Material and energy reduction: Schoeller Arca Systems designed together with one of its FMCG clients a smart plastic logistics system for delivery to supermarkets.

Partners for Innovation guided the project. NL Agency acted as financier. The Dutch Rubber and Plastic Industry (NRK) was responsible for the coordination with the companies.

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