Moussa Mounkaila Saley

Expert in energy

Dr. Moussa Mounkaila is an energy and climate expert with experiences in renewable energy and regional climate modelling assessment in Sub-Saharan Africa, particularly in Niger and West Africa. He supports government and private sectors in rural electrification through green mini-grid projects from feasibility to implementation.

My mission: providing technical assistance-advice and sustainable renewable energy supply.

Renewable Energy (RE)| Energy effiency and economy | Sizing of RE | Energy modeling | Sustainable Energy Supply | Climate modeling | Climate resilience and adaptation | Impacts of Climate Change

Dr. Mounkaila has more than five years working experience in the energy sector, mainly on the technical aspects of renewable energy and their applications for standalone or mini-grid/off-grid electrification in urban and rural areas. He has a pronounced understanding of the Energy sector in Niger and West Africa as well as on strategy development for sustainable renewable energy resource supply in the region. He also produces robust climate information from climate data for decision making for government officials, advisers and NGOs who are looking for the integration of climate information into policy.

PhD in Meteorology and Climate Science (WASCAL GSP/WACS, Federal University of Technology Akure, Nigeria), Double MSc, International Master in Materials and Sensors Systems for Environmental Technologies (IMMSSET, Erasmus Mundus Program, Bologna (Italy) and KTH (Sweden)), Professional Master in Electrical Energy and its environment, ”Ecole Superieure Polytechnique de Dakar”/University of Cheich Anta Diop (Senegal), MSc in Physics option Renewable Energy, University Abdou Moumouni, Niamey (Niger).

m: : (+227): 9113 1023 / 9834 1716
Skype: moussams

Joska Sesink

Advisor circular economy

I am a starting consultant in the field of circular economy. With my knowledge of circular design, I help companies realising a circular economy, for example through support in workshops and trainings or in chain projects.

Circular economy | Ecodesign | Life Cycle Assessment | Sustainable packaging

I graduated on product product development for a circular economy and I have experience with circular product design and appropriate business models.

MSc Industrial Design Engineering, University of Twente

m: +31 657 88 29 04

Matthew Doe

Advisor Sustainable Innovation & Biomass

Matthew Doe helps companies and organizations realise sustainable innovations and certification. Through his broad knowledge of engineering, energy systems and transitions, and his experience analysing complex systems, he is high capable of bringing sustainable change to companies, systems and organizations.

My mission: to make sustainable innovation deliver the results humanity needs, so that we to progress to a fair, open and sustainable world.

Sustainable energy technologies | Systems transitions | Value chain cooperation | Technology transitions

Matthew has several years experience with innovation in complex systems. He is experienced in stakeholder management, auditing and system analyse, and brought durable solutions for companies and organizations in complex markets.

MSc Sustainable Energy Technologies (TU Delft), BSc. Mechanical Engineering (TU Delft)

m: (+31)6 2835 0749

Mamane Moussa Saley

Expert in Administration, Finance & Logistics

Mamane MOUSSA Saley is manager of the administration and accounting of companies. He is skilled in managing the systems of monitoring and control of import-export operations and ensuring the related income of the State of Niger (Niger, Benin and Togo).

General administration and economics | Accounting | Result Based Management | Business management | Control of port activities | Coordination of humanitarian action

Maname Moussa Saley has a lot of experience in the fields of accountability, finance and the administration of companies. He also has a lot of knowledge of port activities and the coordination of humanitarian activities.

Degree in Management / Business Administration (International Institute of Administration and Business Management, Niamey – Niger

t: (+227): 90 38 37 90

Ilse Nijholt

Communications advisor

I support organisations in their communication strategy, the gathering and structuring of (complex) information and the clear and attractive display of this information.

Contribute to a sustainable world by creating positive attention, promoting awareness and encouraging sustainable innovation

Communication strategies | Text & images | Websites & social media | Sustainable behaviour & awareness

I have experience as a communications consultant for governments, non-profit organisations and companies, mainly in policy and environmental communication and reputation and stakeholder management.

MSc Communication, Policy and Management (Utrecht University)
BA Communication- and Information Sciences (Utrecht University)

m: 06 1829 9541

Harouna Hama Hama

Expert in project development

Harouna H. Hama is an expert in a wide range of innovative technical intervention areas related to smart agriculture facing climate change. He is a very experienced innovator in the fields of food security, economic development and resilience of vulnerable groups.

Seasonal agriculture and food safety | Climate forecasts and risk management | Platforms for access and dissemination of agrometeorological information | Sustainable management of the environment | Economic development and climate resilience | Knowledge management |

Harouna H. Hama has worked in the development as a technical assistant in a project for strengthening the resilience of agropastoralists. After that, he was project manager for the management of the food crisis (2010) in the department of Dakoro and expert in ‘Means of Existence and Food Security’ at the International Care Organization in Niger. Previously, he was coordinator of ONG Action for Emergency Management and Social Inclusion in Niger.

Engineer of Agricultural Techniques, Options for crop production, Faculty of Agronomy of the University Abdou Moumouni, Niamey (Niger);

Specialist in the Development and Management of Natural Resources (FLSH/UAM/Niger) and Natural Risks, Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, Agronomic Faculty of Science of Gembloux, University of Liege (Belgium).

Skype: harounahama
t.: (+227): 92 19 17 09/96 59 16 81

Ada Mahamane Habou

Youth focal point at AgriProFocus Niger

Aware of the importance of the youth in the development of agriculture in general and agribusiness in particular, Ada Mamhamane works in the youth project management. He facilitated access to information of all products and services available to the youth to stimulate entrepreneurship. He was involved in the communication and animation of an online platform to inform and train young people on agricultural entrepreneurship.

Plant and animal production practices | Life and soil sciences (environment) | Youth agricultural entrepreneurship | (Youth) project management | Administrative management | Communication technology and online platform management | Organisation of fairs

In 2014, ADA M. Habou worked in the region of Maradi with the Regional Headquarter of Agriculture on the valorisation of Moringa leaves in human nutrition in the context of the fight against malnutrition affecting children in the region. He was a representative of the students of the Faculty of Agronomy in the council of this Faculty and that of the University in 2016.

General Science Degree in Agronomy, vegetable production department, Faculty of Agronomy, University Abdou Moumouni in Niamey (Niger)

Master in project management, School of economic techniques, marketing accounts and communication (ETEC) in Niamey (Niger)

t: (+227) 96 49 50 94/90 40 07 05

Danbadji Assoumane Boubacar

Communications officer PfI/AgriProFocus Niger 

Danbadji Assoumane Boubacar is the communications officer for Partners for Innovation Niger. He is trained in computer science engineering and has a lot of experience in the management of electronic platforms. He developed experience in agricultural (grain) market analysis and has knowledge of and experience in market development and price risks analysis.

Agricultural Market Analysis | Digital communication and digital strategy

Danbadji Assoumane Boubacar has 8 years of experience in the development of crop values chains. In addition, he has a lot of experience in the management of networks and platforms, including a platform for seed producers that support farmers in the crop value chain. He was also responsible for the communications with local customers. Before PfI and Agriprofocus, he worked for the West African Grain Network (WAGN).

Diploma of Professional Studies in Computer science at the Federal University of Technology of Akure, Nigeria;

Master Degree in Communication for Development (C4D) at the institute training of information and communication (IFTIC) of Niamey, Niger.

t: +227 94 95 22 61 / 98 02 31 21

Stan van den Broek


Stan van den Broek assists companies and governments in sustainable innovations. Thanks to his broad knowledge of innovation processes and transitions, combined with his strond analytical skills, he is able to give thorough advice.

My mission: accelerate towards a sustainable and fair future, by helping small scale innovations.

Climate- and energy policy | System changes | Sustainable energy technologies | Innovation processes

Stan has started working as a consultant in the field of circular & bio-based economy. He graduated on the topic of international energy- and innovation policy and is experienced in analyzing innovation processes.


MSc Innovation Sciences (TU Eindhoven), BSc Technical Innovation Sciences (TU Eindhoven)

m +31 618513099
e s.vandenbroek[at]






Carla Koster


Financial Administration Expert

Carla Koster is an experienced financial administration expert. She works on our internal administration and on the administrative and financial support of European and local subsidy and grant projects.

Mijn mission: through my support the financial administration and projects administration are of excellent quality, so the advisers can fully concentrate on the substance.


Financial Administration | Project Management Support


Carla has many years of experience as financial administration expert at several trade offices, advertising and marketing agencies. She worked  15 years for architectural offices Rudy Uytenhaak Architectenbureau and NSL Architecten.


Management Assistant/Executive Secretary (Schoevers), Marketing (Nima A).

m +31 6 152 676 57
e   c.koster[at]

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