Agroforestry-based Entrepreneurship in Senegal

Partners for Innovation, in collaboration with Oxfam in Senegal,  organised a mini-conference on Agroforestry-based Entrepreneurship in Dakar.  This conference was made possible with help from the Dutch Embassy in Dakar.

During this mini-conference, participants (local mayors, rural development funds and Ministries) discussed the recently developed FarmTree® Approach. Partners for Innovation presented the method’s architecture, in which Agroforestry technical options are stored in Regional Databases. A “Plot Planning” dashboard then allows producers to select the options of their choice and directly calculates a 15-year cash flow plan for the plot to be treated. Field-level partners Experna and SY-AFD presented two thus prepared Agroforestry Business Plans.

Participants al  not only expressed interest in the business planning qualities of the FarmTree® Tool, but also in the opportunity to complement ecological monitoring with economic value for local entrepreneurs.

Partners for Innovation and Oxfam see opportunities to use this method for developing agriculture systems resilient to climate change.


More info?

To find out more on our method and  the FarmTree® approach please contact  Frank van Schoubroeck.