Scaling-up Agroforesty in Senegal

Agroforestry is a technology by which useful trees are intercropped with agricultural crops. Partners for Innovation and GOVGA start a feasibility study together with Oxfam to scale up agroforestry in Senegal.

Agroforestry has particular benefits, especially in semi-arid regions in Africa. Benefits include restoration of degraded land, doubling food grain production, and more diverse cropping patterns with opportunities for women, landless and pastoralists. Across the Sahel, the potential of agroforestry is estimated at 50 million hectares (the surface of France); with the chance to provide food for an additional 25 million people.

After a conclusive feasibility study in Niger in 2011, Partners for Innovation and GOVGA now start a study with Oxfam to evaluate the feasibility of scaling up agroforestry in Senegal. This project is part of a larger cooperation between GOVGA, Oxfam and Partners for Innovation to implement a 5-phased programme for the scaling-up of agroforestry in several countries throughout Africa.
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