Separating green waste with the BioBoxx

How to convince clients that changing the way you handle green waste has added value for the environment and your organisation? By showing them. Partners for Innovation develops an  environment and cost-tool for the BioBoxx.

The Bioboxx is a box made from solid board, a material produced from waste paper, with a coating for the collection and treatment of green waste (swill). The box is designed so that it can be fermented in its entirety after being filled with swill. Partners for Innovation has studied the environmental performance of the BioBoxx by conducting a Life-Cycle Analysis (LCA). This analysis shows that the BioBoxx indeed has environmental benefits  compared to the collection and treatment of swill using a traditional 120 L waste container. Moreover, the BioBoxx can stimulate the separation of green waste in situation where this  is not done yet, due to its compact size and its hygienical characteristics.

With this tool Bioboxx can easily clarify to potential customers, on the basis of general current waste details, the environmental benefits and economic impact of using the BioBoxx in relation to the current method of collecting and treating swill.

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