Bioenergy Opportunities for Dutch Enterprises and Research Institutes

The biobased economy is a global growth market and offers many international market opportunities for the Netherlands. That is the conclusion of a recent study executed by Partners for Innovation commissioned by RVO (Netherlands Enterprise Agency formerly known as NL Agency).

Six growth areas
Six very interesting global bioenergy areas have been identified for Dutch businesses and knowledge institutes:

  1. Biogas from systems of all sizes and for all energy applications
  2. Biomass heating technologies
  3. Wood pellets, especially for heating
  4. Sustainable biomass chains
  5. New generation biofuels
  6. Integrated biomass-food-feed-energy-chemistry industries

‘Waste to Energy’ (not bioenergy) offers another interesting opportunity for Dutch businesses.

The study shows the strengths of the Netherlands but also our weaknesses. Both the private and public sector need to make additional efforts -both by themselves and together- to be able to seize the opportunities.

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