Biofuel Pilot Results presented in Mozambique

This summer, Partners for Innovation guided a government monitoring delegation to verify the application of the Mozambican Biofuel Sustainability Framework (MBSF). This week the results are shared at a seminar in Beira.

Monitoring visit
In August, Peter Vissers and João Chidamoio took eleven local government officials on a 6-day monitoring visit. They visited three companies that participated in the testing of the MBSF. The purpose of the visit was to verify the self-assessment each company had performed earlier this year.

The biofuel companies that participated in the pilot are:

  • Sugar cane producer Grown Energy Zambeze (GEZ)
  • Jathropa producer NiQel
  • Food-energy producer CleanStar Mozambique

A respectful and friendly process
Each visit started with a tour of the plantation, to understand the situation in the field. Through a Q&A session, the delegation obtained a thorough understanding of each company’s activities. Subsequently the delegation and the company verified the self-assessment scores in consensus.

Even though the pilot participants found it quite tough to apply the Framework, they also thought it was useful and fun. One of the main advantages of this framework for producers is that it increases clarity and allows an objective assessment of their operations.

Sharing results
On 31 October the results of the pilot are being shared at a seminar in Beira. Representatives of national and provincial governments, biofuel companies and civil society will attend to discuss the outcomes of the pilot. A draft seminar agenda is available. The next step is to propose the beta-version of the Framework to the Council of Ministers for implementation.

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Photograhy: Nelson dos Santos Sacoor and Peter Vissers