Construction Bio2Watt Biogas Power Plant started

Construction of the 4MW biogas power plant in Bronkhorstspruit has started. The Bronkhorstspruit Biogas Power Plant Pty Ltd is a South-African independent power producer (IPP), formed by Bio2Watt. About 40,000 tonnes a year of cattle manure and a further 20,000 tonnes of mixed organic waste will be fed into two anaerobic digesters that will produce the biogas feedstock for a combined heat and power application. The electricity produced will be used by a large automobile manufacturer for its plant in Rosslyn, Pretoria.

The biogas power plant will be located on the premises of Beefcor, a cattle farm in Bronkhorstspruit located 45 kilometers east of Pretoria. Beefcor is one of the biggest cattle farms in South Africa with 20,000 head of cattle. Bio2Watt has attracted significant co-funding from the Industrial Development Corporation and other foreign and domestic investors.

Partners for Innovation has been involved in the Bronkhorstspruit biogas project since 2009. For the technical development of the project we wrote the grant application for a grant from The Global Sustainable Biomass Fund from RVO (formerly known as NL Agency). Part of the project was also to assess and secure the sustainable development of the project. In addition we assisted Bio2Watt with other fund applications, including CDM funding, and we provided monitoring and reporting assistance.

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