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Trade mission Vietnam

Minister Kaag (Minister of Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation) is leading a trade mission in Vietnam and Malaysia this week together with Hans de Boer (chairman VNO-NCW) and about 45 companies. The economic mission is focused on urban growth and societal challenges. Partners for Innovation and CREM conducted a scoping study of the opportunities for circular economy in Vietnam, of which the results are presented during the trade mission.

On behalf of RVO and the Dutch Embassy in Vietnam, Partners for Innovation and CREM carried out a scoping study on circular economy in Vietnam. The study focuses on the state of play of circular economy in Vietnam and social-economic and environmental challenges and circular solutions. Besides that, the report provides opportunities for Dutch – Vietnamese cooperation on CE.

Read more about the study in the presentation of the results.

EMPACK 2016, Brussels, presentation: Sustainable Packaging for E-commerce

Are you active in the packaging industry? Then EMPACK 2016, the largest packaging show in Belgium, is your unmissable appointment in September.

On 21 & 22 September, supply & demand of the packaging industry meet eachother face-to-face for the 15th time in Brussels Expo.

21th of September there are two presentations about e-commerce & packaging in cooperation with  VerpakkingsProfs.

  • E-commerce needs flexible packaging
    Do you know what it takes to send 2 million different kinds of products with variable sizes? And do you have any idea how many standard size boxes you need to pack all these items? Not to mention the air bags and numerous rolls of bubble wrap. Find out how Neopost’s customers respond to these challenges.
    Hedde Biesma, Communications Manager Neopost
  • Sustainable packaging for e-commerce
    The rise of e-commerce radically changed the playing field of packinging. Smart solutions are needed to send items by mail. No one wants an oversized, costly container box full of unnecessary packaging. Finding the most suitable packaging presents one of the main challenges for sustainable packaging. Fortunately, more and more smart solutions are found to customize packing boxes, to reduce the amount of void fill packaging and to optimize logistics.
    Siem Haffmans, Managing Partner @ Partners for Innovation

If you don’t have the time to attend the event, the Guide to Sustainable Packaging for the e-commerce sector may be of interest to you and is available to download on our website:

CIRCO Circular Design Class

CIRCO Circular Design Class

This presentation is used for the ‘CIRCO Circular Design Class’, and gives a short introduction on Circular Business Models and Circular Design Strategies.

The contents of the training are based on the research and book ‘Products that Last’’ (TU Delft 2014) by associate professor Conny Bakker, illustrated with practical examples of frontrunners in the industry.

CIRCO, Delft University, The Circle Economy and Partners for Innovation, September 2015