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Renewable energy market study Zimbabwe 2017

This market study explores the opportunities for Dutch companies interested in investing in renewable energy in Zimbabwe.

Please be aware the study was carried out with the Dutch renewable energy sector in mind. As a result the study does not cover all renewable energy markets (fully).

Read the Renewable Energy Market Study

Feasibility Study of Ghana Institutional Biogas Programme

Partners for Innovation has carried out a feasibility study to set up an institutional biogas programme in Ghana. This feasibility study provides the Ghana Energy Commission with advice on the design, installation and management of appropriate biogas technology systems for use in public institutions (boarding schools, hospitals and prisons).
Read the study

Trade mission Vietnam

Minister Kaag (Minister of Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation) is leading a trade mission in Vietnam and Malaysia this week together with Hans de Boer (chairman VNO-NCW) and about 45 companies. The economic mission is focused on urban growth and societal challenges. Partners for Innovation and CREM conducted a scoping study of the opportunities for circular economy in Vietnam, of which the results are presented during the trade mission.

On behalf of RVO and the Dutch Embassy in Vietnam, Partners for Innovation and CREM carried out a scoping study on circular economy in Vietnam. The study focuses on the state of play of circular economy in Vietnam and social-economic and environmental challenges and circular solutions. Besides that, the report provides opportunities for Dutch – Vietnamese cooperation on CE.

Read more about the study in the presentation of the results.

Expert Centre Circular Design

February 2017

This study answers the question whether there’s a need for an Expert Centre Circular Design, in the light of the transition to a circular economy in the Netherlands. The conclusions of this research are based on desk research, a questionnaire and interviews with 140 stakeholders.

Download the  Summary


E-commerce: a guide to sustainable packaging

Partners for Innovation has written a guide to sustainable packaging. In this guide you find innovative ideas coming from the Dutch Association for Paper and Board Mills (VNP), the Dutch Enterprise Agency (RVO) and is an e-commerce network with more than 2,200 members who sell products online. All aim  to find sustainable solutions for the current packaging industry.

Green packaging in e-commerce. Read in the guide about:

  • sustainable packaging materials
  • sustainable packaging design
  • innovation & best practices

The guide will be presented by Siem Haffmans at the EMPACK in Brussels 21 & 22 of September.

Download the  guide sustainable packaging

Market opportunities for biogas in Mozambique

Partners for Innovation has carried out a field study for SNV, in order to assess the market opportunities for the application of biogas in Mozambique. The research focused specifically on sanitation and the agri-food sector.

Reasonably strong potential

The main findings are:

The technical potential of applying biogas in Mozambique is reasonable to good in all sectors, except for small households. We see the biggest potential in:

  • agri-food companies
  • large-scale local or municipal sanitation systems
  • sanitation facilities in schools, hospitals and prisons

Not much experience

However, at this moment in Mozambique there is not enough:

  • experience with commercial biogas installations. Although there are some donor financed initiatives, only a few of them are operational.
  • policy aimed at encouraging biogas application
  • knowledge and experience from research institutes and businesses.

Growing interest

And yet the interest for biogas has really taken off. The government, the private sector, donors and knowledge institutes all show an increased attention. If we consider the growing population, urbanisation and the growing agri-food business, we think the potential can only get bigger. The vital fields where opportunities lie are design and construction of installations, services, maintenance and energy supply to industrial companies.

Read all recommendations of the report in the summary-report-mozambique

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