DAF Roof Spoiler

DAF Trucks introduces a lighter roof spoiler with a greater adjustment range. The new adjustment mechanism allows the driver to easily adjust the spoiler at the optimum height.

The new roof spoiler fits perfectly within the DAF Advanced Transport Efficiency (ATe) program. ATe wants to further reduce fuel consumption and emissions and maximize the efficiency of the trucks.

The roof spoiler is one of the results of the Ecodesign Training, which Partners for Innovation carried out for the fourth year for DAF Trucks. The spoiler designed by Willy Thijssen and Harry Giebelen also won the adjoining DAF EcoDesign Award. The purpose of the EcoDesign Award is to encourage DAF designers to make their designs as environmentally friendly as possible, while also considering aspects such as quality, cost reduction and creativity.

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Contact: Siem Haffmans