Eindhoven Airport & Vanderlande are closing the loop

The airport of Eindhoven and logistics automatisation company Vanderlande have taken an important step towards a circular economy. In the Closing-the-loop project parts of existing baggage handling systems are being reused at the airport instead of being disposed of. In a unique cooperation valuable transport systems now have a longer life span, it’s Vanderlande’s first step to see if a circular business model for transport handling systems is feasible and functioning.


Due to our airport expansion the airport can no longer use our current baggage handling system. A challenge presented itself. By dismantling the equipment into pieces, without knowing where they end up would lead to an unnecessary diminution in value. If (parts of) the equipment are to be reused on a new location, the airport manages to keep its maximum value. So, part of the transport and sorting machines have been put up for sale. See this e-magazine.

Unique cooperation

The Airport of Eindhoven en Vanderlande worked together in this project with amongst others Forbo and SEW (supplier of Vanderlande), ACE Reuse Technology (a specialist in the field of remanufacturing) and locally based recycling company Heezen. For the assessment of the current status of the system and its parts (including the driving mechanism) it’s essential to involve all companies in the value chain and their expertise. In the end you need to be able to guarantee the quality for the new user. Ingeborg Gort of Partners for Innovation, acted as independent project manager to guide the companies in taking the next steps and communicating the results. She documented the steps and the business model.

Circular business model

The business model is work in progress and is depending on the infrastructure of Vanderlande, logistic processes, partners, new customers and last but not least, the costs and margins. However, two things can be noted:
1 The Netherlands will be 100% circular in 2050, since natural resources are becoming scarce.
2 Vanderlande’s systems are employed in 600 airports worldwide, of which 14 in the 20 biggest airports in the world.
If Vanderlande continues in this direction it will work out for the best, keeping in mind that natural resources will become the predominant factor of future business models.

Want to learn more?

See also the video with project learnings