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Sustainable Packaging

Packaging as waste

Packaging adds value to your product. It is one of the most visible features of your brand and displays information to both existing and prospective clients. Packaging also facilitates an efficient logistical process and protects products all the way from production to the customer. Nevertheless, many customers have a negative perception of packaging. It takes effort to unpack a product and once you have done so, the packaging becomes “waste”.

Why sustainable packaging?

Sustainable Packaging offers solutions:

  • it improves the quality perception of your product,
  • lowers costs for both you and your clients
  • reduces environmental impact, allowing you to comply with regulations

Sustainable Packaging starts with an analysis of the product’s complete life cycle (LCA). This may result either in improving existing packaging, or in developing completely new product packaging combinations. Recent developments include the use of bio-based and recycled materials and methods for reducing product losses in the logistic chain.


Sustainable packaging is mandatory. The “EU directive for packaging and packaging waste” (2004/12/EG) has been in effect in all EU member states since February 2004. It requires that all packaging waste is recycled or put to a useful purpose for at least 50%. In most EU countries the targets are higher and producers or importers of packaging or packaged products have to pay for the collection and recycling of packaging waste.

How can we support you?

Partners for Innovation can support you with the following services:

  • LCA: life cycle assessment of product packaging combinations
  • Advice about material choice, such as bio-based or recycled materials
  • Supply chain projects: optimization of packaging systems
  • Developing new sustainable packaging concepts