FME Platform Successful Sustainable

FME will support fifty entrepreneurs in the technology industry to make their products, operations, organization and production chain more sustainable. To support this, it launched the FME Platform Successful Sustainable on November 1st. Partners for Innovation was invited to provide support as a knowledge partner.

The platform is the continuation of the FME Sustainability Compass, launched early 2011. The platform focuses on the practical implementation of the plans that were formulated in the compass.

During the kick-off on November 1, Dennis Gouka, CEO of Heras gave an inspiring presentation on the new fence design. Heras has declared climate resilience as one of the main goals of the company.

The 50 organisations will now start making concrete steps to give sustainability a more prominent place in their business operations. Including for example sustainable redesign of products in close consultation with customers and supply chain partners. Besides Partners for Innovation, the other knowledge partners are: Beco, Association of Dutch Designers (BNO), CSR Netherlands and Technical University Delft.
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