Frank van Schoubroeck

Agroforestry-expert Frank van Schoubroeck joined Partners for Innovation as advisor. Van Schoubroeck works with smallholder farmers to improve management of natural resources.

With Van Schoubroeck, Partners for Innovation broadens its knowledge and expertise on the human side of biomass production; in particular in governance and policy-processes. Van Schoubroeck has over 20 years of research and consulting experience to enable smallholder farmers to improve their livelihood by producing trees. In his view trees are an integral part of the farm, in which young women and men process and market tree products such as fruit, wood, resins and cattle feed. Van Schoubroeck works specifically in Africa and Asia.

Frank: “By joining forces with Partners for Innovation, we can give Agroforestry a serious boost. This year we are going to set up the Agroforestry Centre of Expertise. Eventually we seek a structured export of agroforestry products such as fiber, fruits and vegetables to Europe. Allowing farmers to support themselves in a sustainable manner.”

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