Energy from Gasifying Rice Husk

In June 2013 Emiel Hanekamp assessed the first rice husk gasification plant in South Sulawesi (Indonesia) on behalf of NL Agency.

NL Agency has been supporting a project that was initiated in 2010 by the Indonesian state-owned company BULOG and sustainable energy company PT SyRes, to realise the first two rice husk gasification plants in Indonesia.

The objective of the sustainability assessment was to gain insight into the social, economic and environmental impact of the gasifier and to make recommendations for further improvements to the project management. The final report will be completed later this year.

Energy from rice waste
Rice husk is a residue of rice milling and currently often simply released in the environment. The husk can be used as feedstock for power generation to replace diesel and kerosene. In India, Cambodia and Thailand there are already hundreds of these plants.

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