Getting down to work on circular plastics

A number of thirteen companies from the plastics chain – brand owners, plastics processors, recycle companies and designers – presented their new circular business model at the  CIRCO Track Plastics edition of 2017. Their aim is to realise their plans in the near future.

Circular business model

The Dutch federation for the rubber and plastics industry (NRK) and CLICK.NL (Top sector Creative Industries) work together on the development of circular plastics. For this they organised  the so called Business Design Tracks in which participants exchange experiences and learn techniques in order to make their business model more circular.

Working together in the chain

Cooperation in the chain is essential. Everyone has access to the same information and possible outcomes of innovations and experiments. The end goal is better solutions for the whole chain.

Look on the website of the  NRK  for a selection of presentations that contribute to the goals of ‘NL circulair 2050’.

– Are you interested in what previous participants did? Take a look at this vlog.