Green resources

On 24 January, Partners for Innovation participated in the networking event: ‘green resources for everyday products’. The event was organized by Agentschap NL in the Rijtuigenloods in Amersfoort.

Biobased economy
The biobased economy obtains its raw materials from living nature. Crops and residues from agriculture and food industry are being used as “green resources” used in the production of materials, chemicals, energy and fuel. Thus, from raw materials such as grass, beet leaves, algae as well as wastewater and organic waste to make new products ranging from fiber-reinforced composites and grass cardboard to chemicals, coatings and fertilizers.

The biobased economy provides economic opportunities and contributes to energy independence as well as reduction of greenhouse gases. Partners for Innovation works closely with its customers and the government to develop best practices for a biobased economy in the Netherlands, Europe and emerging markets.

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