Monitoring Protocol for Land Adminstration in Mozambique

The Royal Netherlands Embassy in Mozambique requested Partners for Innovation to design a monitoring protocol for land administration in Mozambique. The protocol is designed for GESTERRA, a Dutch/Swedish funded project that will build the capacity of the land administration system in the country.

Current land administration procedures are time-consuming and complex; it takes about the same effort to get a land title for one hectare for a house as it takes for 5,000 hectares for a farm. The GESTERRA project allows national, provincial and district level land administrators to critically review existing procedures and design and test new ones.

With the monitoring protocol, Partners for Innovation also designed the project’s intervention logic (logframe) with eight project results, such as:

  • “Government staff can implement the land law”, or
  • “An electronic land administration system is robust and working”, or
  • “50% of newly issued land titles are in the name of women”.

Frank van Schoubroeck designed monitoring and reflection forms to allow land institutions to express their concerns about the system and to document project progress. The protocol has to be carried out once to enable people in the system to understand the nature of monitoring and evaluation intended for learning and discussion rather than for control.

The mission was financed by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs (DGIS) through the Centre for Development Innovation (CDI) at Wageningen University.

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