New call EU Eco-Innovation program

The European CIP Eco-Innovation program launched a new call for proposals. Deadline for submission of proposals is 6 september 2012. With a budget of 34.8 million euro the program offers good opportunities for business actors wanting to demonstrate their innovative and sustainable technologies. In the 2011 call for proposals, in total 45 proposals have been selected for contract negotiations. The average project budget was 800.000 euro.

Partners for Innovation has been very successful in supporting companies to obtain funding from the Eco-Innovation program. In 2011 we supported BlackBear Carbon BV with the submission of a successful proposal. In previous calls Partners for Innovation supported Desso (carpets) and Van Maren Systems (recycled plastic pallets) in obtaining funding from the Eco-Innovation program.

BlackBear Carbon BV will implement a three year project, demonstrating the production of high quality carbon black from old car tires. Aim of the project is to test the technical and financial feasibility of a pre-commercial plant. Project partners are BlackBear Carbon and GoodYear. Partners for Innovation will support the project with environmental impact analysis, developing exploitation plans and part of the project management.

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