October 2018

Thursday, 25 October 2018

Dutch Design Week, Eindhoven

DRIVE festival – Products that Flow

DRIVE is the annual Design Research & Innovation Festival during the Dutch Design Week for designers, researchers, and others working in business and industry, government and the Top Sectors. Siem Haffmans presents a break-out session around Products that Flow.

DRIVE festival

DRIVE serves you state-of-the art research and innovations, developments and designs that will give you a glimpse of the possible future. There are over 36 interactive sessions on societal challenges. The programme on Wednesday is all about Healty Behaviour, Resilience in Society, Human Empowerment and Personal Experience. On Thursday, the focus is on the Circular Society and Energy & Behaviour.

Products that Flow

The circular design breakout Products that Flow is about the book Products that Flow, which will be available on 4 October. The book is about the design of fast moving consumer goods: mass produced and inexpensive products that people buy on a regular basis and have a short lifespan. To move towards a more circular economy we need to rethink the approach of those consumables that are only in our economic systems for a short period of time. Products that Flow describes circular business models and design strategies to inspire designers, marketeers and business developers. During the breakout on 25 October, you will delve into the method of the book with one of the authors (Siem Haffmans), designers and business developers.

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