October 2018

Thursday, 4 October 2018

RDM Onderzeebootloods, Rotterdam Zuid

Innovation Expo 2018

Global challenges, Dutch solutions

On 4 October, the Innovation Expo 2018 will be held in the RDM Onderzeebootloods (former submarine construction hall) in Rotterdam. In one big living lab, you will experience the latest trends and innovations concerning the safety, liveability and accessibility of our country. Partners for Innovation is exhibitor at the Innovation Expo.

During the expo, you will see Dutch solutions for major social challenges in the areas of circular economy, energy, water, mobility, built-up environment, health, food and key technologies. The business community, knowledge institutes, social organisations and governmentals meet up and show their innovations to a broad national and international audience. Partners for Innovation participates in the subject ‘circular economy’.

All Dutch and international participants are jointy dedicated to accelerating innovations. The expo is organized on behalf of five ministries.

Read more about the expo, the program or register on the website of the Innovation Expo 2018.