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silicone cartridge

How the silicone cartridge enlightened us

27 May 2017

How can a relatively small problem provide great insights? The participant members of the silicone cartridge  project can answer this question. They worked together to tackle the problem of the disposed cartridges. The disposal and recycling … More

EU conference plastics cycle

European conference on plastics

5 December 2016

Plastics are an integral part of our daily life. They  changed our society fundamentally in the previous century. Being moldable, strong and cheap they present many advantages. However, plastics also pose a number of complex problems. … More

foldable e-scooter

Meet JACK: the foldable e-scooter

28 November 2016

Amsterdam is booming  when it comes to tourism. The number of people visiting the Dutch capital has increased over the years and reached a record level this year. This asks for smart solutions. Residents, tourists and … More

masterplan plastics cycle

Masterplan on the Plastics Cycle

21 October 2016

The collection of plastics is not only a ‘hot topic’ but also a great success. Unfortunately, the recycling is not so straightforward. Worldwide, countries are collecting and recycling plastic waste to make their economy more and … More

e-commerce: filler material

E-commerce: a guide to sustainable packaging

20 September 2016

Partners for Innovation has written a guide to sustainable packaging. In this guide you find innovative ideas coming from the Dutch Association for Paper and Board Mills (VNP), the Dutch Enterprise Agency (RVO) and … More

speedboot Edorado 7s

A powerboat that doesn’t leave a trace

17 September 2016

Clean, fast and style are the key words that describe the new electric powerboat developed by Edorado Marine. In their Edorado 7S project, they present a sustainable alternative for conventional combustion engine driven powerboats. By realizing … More

Conference on female entrepreneurship in Niger

13 September 2016

Managing Director of Partners for Innnovation Niger, Rakiatou Gazibo, will give a speech on september the 17th at a conference of the Council of Nigerans in France (Conseil des Nigériens de France) in Paris. The conference … More

Succesful first edition of Packaging Industry 2016

21 June 2016

Partners for Innovation attended as a media partner the first edition of the Packaging Industry 2016 event, organised by Management Producties. During the event, companies that represent different parts of the circular value chain of food … More


Migration of mineral oils into food

14 June 2016

The migration of mineral oils into food is something that has been known and researched for several decades. In spite of all the research, the toxicology and origin from where the mineral oils migrate from, remain … More

Packaging Industry 2016

25 March 2016

At the event Packaging Industry 2016, top speakers will share their vision about Sustainable Packaging and how the entire supply chain can work together to achieve the transition to the Circular Economy. Packaging Industry 2016 is … More

Circular Economy receives Royal attention

22 March 2016

The Economic Mission during the State Visit of Their Majesties King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima on 10 and 11 March focused on “Circular Economy”. During the state visit, a special publication on the Circular Economy was … More

Join our new circular chain projects!

2 March 2016

Sustainable Innovations is an activity that can’t be done by one company alone. Strategic co-operation in the supply chain is key. This means working together with suppliers and customers to provide the best possible service and … More

CIRCO Circular Design Class @TUDelft

12 January 2016

Are you curious about the circular economy and what your role as a designer will be in a circular world? Would you like to apply circular design principles in your work, but does putting them into practice … More

Separating green waste with the BioBoxx

3 November 2015

How to convince clients that changing the way you handle green waste has added value for the environment and your organisation? By showing them. Partners for Innovation develops an  environment and cost-tool for the BioBoxx. The Bioboxx is … More

Guidelines Designing with Recycled Plastics

9 October 2015

We are proud to present our new Guidelines for Designing with Recycled Plastics. In this Guidelines Designing with Recycled Plastics, the most important tips and tricks are shared, for the application of recycled plastic in (high-end) injection … More

Presentation: Guidelines Design with Recycled Plastics

22 September 2015

On the 23rd of september, Eelco Smit, Sustainability Director of Philips International, presented the Guidelines Design with Recycled Plastics at the Kunststoffenbeurs in Veldhoven (NL). In these Guidelines the most important tips and tricks  for the … More

Smart Industry

PfI Academy Lean and Smart Industry

9 July 2015

Lean and Smart Industry Last tuesday, June 30, we had a PfI Academy on Lean and Smart Industry. A subject that gave enough food for thought after the presentations and was something to keep on talking about during … More

Thomas Dietz

New Colleague: Thomas Dietz

5 June 2015

Thomas Dietz started as advisor Sustainable Innovation & Sustainable Biomass at Partners for Innovation. He combines knowledge in the field of sustainable use of resources and energy with a personal interest in innovation to provide companies and governments with … More

MIT: Financing Dutch SMEs

4 June 2015

MIT is a Dutch grant scheme directed at innovative SMEs. The scheme is currently open for projects that match the Dutch Top Sectors Policy. MIT offers SME’s an opportunity to get extra funding for innovative R&D projects. Collaboration … More

Plastic reduces environmental impact automotive

18 March 2015

The use of drable plastic applications, lightweight components and integration of various functions may reduce the environmental impact the automotive industry has. Following the energy effiency agreements (MJA3), Dutch government and industry aim to achieve an improvement of … More

Design Guidelines for Applying Plastic Recyclate

11 March 2015

Graduate intern Abel Gerrits supports Partners for Innovation in the development of design guidelines to make knowledge concerning plastic recyclate in high-end injection moulded products widely and easily accessible. During the project frontrunners (amongst which Philips, … More

Chain projects: Sustainable Packaging with Paper and Cardboard

20 January 2015

The Association of Dutch Paper and Board Manufacturers (VNP) initiated several chain projects on sustainable packaging with paper and cardboard. The projects were set up within the framework of the Long-Term Agreements on Energy Efficiency (MJA). Partners … More

Circular Economy Lab 8: The Value of Plastics

Circular Economy Lab 8: The Value of Plastics

4 December 2014

“How can we turn plastic waste into a valuable recycling stream and increase the use of recycled plastic as raw material for products and packaging?” This was central question in the Circular Economy Lab on the … More

The Added Value of Circular Packaging

27 October 2014

Packaging is for most people a symbol of the “throw-away” society. Siem Haffmans advocates just the opposite. In the Circular Economy packaging is indispensable to prevent waste of food and products. Packaging makes money, and circular packaging … More

Emiel Hanekamp

Column: Chain Agreement Recyled Plastic

9 October 2014

Netherlands is one of the leaders in Europe in the recycling of plastics. In package recycling the Netherlands is even nr. 1. Nevertheless, there are still significant challenges to increase the application of recycled plastics. Approximately … More

Chain Agreement Recycled Plastics

3 August 2014

Partners for Innovation signed the national “Chain Agreement Recycled Plastic”. This means that we continue to actively work on projects aimed at closing the plastic chain loop. The chain agreement stems from a joint effort of … More

The Positive Impact of Cradle to Cradle Certification

10 June 2014

The Cradle to Cradle (C2C) Products Innovation Institute designed an framework to measure the economic, social, and environmental impacts of Cradle to Cradle Certified™ products. The framework guides the continuous improvement of design and manufacturing to make products … More

Camila Fix

Camila Fix joins the team as Associated Expert Brazil

28 May 2014

This Spring, Camila Fix, product designer from Brazil, joined Partners for Innovation as Associated Expert. Camila has over 12 years of experience in design, marketing and new business development in Brazil and The Netherlands. She worked for … More

Workshop Food Waste

30 April 2014

Workshop Food Waste: During the 3d Free Haven Circular Economy that took place on April 10, Siem Haffmans of Partners for Innovation and Martine Groenewegen from De Klik, conducted a design workshop on food waste. In four … More

32 million for SME Innovation Top Sectors

7 April 2014

The Dutch MIT scheme was published March 12. There is a total of €32 million available for SMEs with a need for innovation in nine top sectors. First-come, first-serve as of 15 April As of 15 April there … More

Trainee Walter Schagen Researches Biobased Plastics

19 March 2014

Trainee Walt Schagen supports Partners for Innovation with a research project on the environmental impact, cost and added value of biobased plastics. Schagen uses the biobased plastics assessment tool developed earlier this year as the basis for … More

Milieuwinst dankzij gerecyclede muurverf

Recycling wall paint saves environment

10 January 2014

VVVF, Sita and Ursa Paint have collected paint residues and successfully recycled it into new paint. A life cycle analysis conducted by Partners for Innovation and IVAM Environmental Research shows that recycling paint yields an environmental … More

Making Money with the Circular Economy

Workshop Earning money with the Circular Economy

20 December 2013

Partners for Innovation facilitated the workshop “Making Money with the Circular Economy” during the FME Platform Successfully Sustainable event on December 10. The workshop showed that the circular economy offers the Dutch industry many opportunities for … More

Circle Economy logo

Partners for Innovation joins Circle Economy

8 November 2013

Partners for Innovation has joined the platform Circle Economy. In Circle Economy, founded by Robert Jan Ogtrop, companies are working together to make the transition from the current linear economy to the circular economy. With her … More


EcoDesign: Driver for Innovation

1 November 2013

On Tuesday October 29th, the Syntens North Holland Materials Circle organised a meeting about Ecodesign in the metal and plastics industry. Emiel Hanekamp from Partners for Innovation was invited to give a presentation about Ecodesign as … More

H2020: Good news from Brussels

28 October 2013

Have you heard of ‘Horizon 2020’, the new EU Framework Programme? Between 2014 and 2020 Brussel will provide approximately 80 billion euro for new research and innovation projects. This offers great opportunities for Dutch companies that … More

Publicatie: Duurzaam Verpakken

Publication: Sustainable Packaging

16 October 2013

What is Sustainable Packaging? And what is the most sustainable package for my product? The publication“Sustainable Packaging, packaging for the circular economy” is for anyone who wants to package more sustainably. This free publication (Dutch only) offers concrete … More

Carolien van Merksteijn

Van Merksteijn joins Product Innovation Team

8 October 2013

Carolien van Merksteijn has joined Partners for Innovation as a product innovation consultant. She brings over 10 years of experience in developing sustainable supply chains and new business models for the circular economy. Van Merksteijn initiated … More

C2C weekend 1

C2C Design Consultants visit Amsterdam

30 September 2013

A group of 15 international Cradle 2 Cradle Design Consultants visited Amsterdam late september. Siem Haffmans organized a weekend full of presentations and site visits. The group had participated in a training at the Environmental Protection Encouragement Agency (EPEA) in … More

DESSO Refinity

LIFE+ grant DESSO’s ‘ClosedLoopCarpet’

10 September 2013

DESSO, a leading European manufacturer of high quality durable carpet has been awarded a grant from the EU LIFE+ programme for the project ‘LIFE ClosedLoopCarpet’. The main objective of the project is to demonstrate the technical … More

Cup2paper award winner ‘Samen veranderen’

7 May 2013

MVO Netherlands and energy company Eneco declared Biological Solutions the winner of the Facebook-competition ‘Samen veranderen’ (Change together). This enables Biological Solutions, the supplier of bio-based and recycled content disposables together with its coalition partner SITA … More

Emiel Hanekamp

Sustainable growth, here and there

13 February 2013

In 2013, the Netherlands plans to invest 200 million euros in international climate finance for developing countries. A “waste of money”, many people might think, but is that true? “An important role in the use of … More

Top 3

Oerlemans nominated for “Aangepakt 2012”

18 January 2013

“Brammetje Bammetje”, the new packaging for a quarter loaf of bread by Oerlemans Plastics, is according to “Aangepakt 2012” (tackled) one of the Top-3 most innovative packaging solutions in the Netherlands. Approaches to reduce waste ‘Aangepakt’ … More

Kwartje brood

Brammetje nominated for ‘Aangepakt’ award

15 November 2012

‘Brammetje Bammetje’, the new packaging for a quarter loaf of bread -developed by Beko, Oerlemans Plastics and Partners for Innovation- is nominated for the ‘Tackled’ award organised by NedVang. With this concept, the disposal of old … More

FME Platform Succesful Sustainable

FME Platform Successful Sustainable

2 November 2012

FME will support fifty entrepreneurs in the technology industry to make their products, operations, organization and production chain more sustainable. To support this, it launched the FME Platform Successful Sustainable on November 1st. Partners for Innovation … More

Timmerije Vanderlande Crossorter

Sustainable Plastic Product

22 October 2012

The successful innovation project ‘Sustainable Plastic Product’, an initiative of the Dutch Federation of Rubber and Plastics (NRK), will be organized again in 2013. Three to five NRK companies will have the opportunity to participate in … More

Roderick Ruinard

Intern assesses WARM methodology

10 October 2012

Roderick Ruinard, intern at Partners for Innovation, is investigating the practical applicability of the WARM method for profitable waste and return management. Roderick studies Science, Business and Innovation at the Free University of Amsterdam. During his … More

Emiel Hanekamp

Sustainability as the norm

8 October 2012

Private companies are working hard for the sustainable society. They understand better than anyone that sustainability and innovation are crucial for their own performance. But what does the government do? In his first regular column in … More

Roy Vercoulen

C2CPII benoemt Vice President Europe

5 September 2012

On September 5, the Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute (C2CPII) from San Francisco announced that it appointed Roy Vercoulen as Vice President for its newly founded European operation. Partners for Innovation closely cooperated with Bridgett … More

Oerlemans Portieverpakking

3 Sustainable Plastic Products

5 July 2012

Three Dutch plastics manufacturers developed three new sustainable plastic products that are less harmful to the environment: Oerlemans Plastics, Timmerije and Schoeller Arca Systems.

 The products are developed under the project ‘Durable Plastic Products’, part of … More

DESSO logistiek

Desso wins Guardian Sustainable Business Award

20 June 2012

This Spring, Desso a leading European carpet and sports surfaces company, won the 2012 Guardian Sustainable Business Award in the waste and recycling category. Partners for Innovation supports Desso in designing and rolling out a number … More

DAF roofspoiler

DAF Roof Spoiler

4 June 2012

DAF Trucks introduces a lighter roof spoiler with a greater adjustment range. The new adjustment mechanism allows the driver to easily adjust the spoiler at the optimum height. The new roof spoiler fits perfectly within the … More

Logo Eco Innovation Project

New call EU Eco-Innovation program

24 May 2012

The European CIP Eco-Innovation program launched a new call for proposals. Deadline for submission of proposals is 6 september 2012. With a budget of 34.8 million euro the program offers good opportunities for business actors wanting … More


Industry waste becomes resource

20 April 2012

Reuse of waste offers great opportunities for industry. But the economy is in trouble and investments are high.  Still, the municipalities of Amsterdam, Zaandam and the Amsterdam harbour together with Partners for Innovation set up four … More

duurzaam verpakken vlees

Workshop: Sustainable Packaging of Meat

2 April 2012

Meat has a major impact on the environment, but what about the packaging? 18 people from the sector examined this question during the workshop of the Network for Sustainable Packaging on March 29, 2012. The following … More


Collecting lamps and luminaires

31 January 2012

On behalf of LightRec and Wecycle, Partners for Innovation investigated the collection of lamps and luminaires by housing corporations. Main conclusions: Each year about 1 million fluorescent lamps are being disposed of; The majority is collected … More

het verlichte MKB

Energy Efficient Lighting

25 January 2012

On 25 January 2012, Partners for Innovation organized two workshops on sustainable lighting in Alkmaar. A total of 50 people participated in both workshops. The workshop for lighting professionals was very well attended. The high participation … More

Green resources

Green resources

24 January 2012

On 24 January, Partners for Innovation participated in the networking event: ‘green resources for everyday products’. The event was organized by Agentschap NL in the Rijtuigenloods in Amersfoort. Biobased economy The biobased economy obtains its raw … More