Salissou Adamou

Advisor Agroforestry – PfI Niger

Salissou Adamou is a specialist in agroforestry, climate change and sustainable development. His skills and subjects are: sciences variability and climate change, governance and climate negotiations, methodological approach to vulnerability, impacts, adaptation and mitigation, climate change and development, risk and disaster management, carbon market, GHG inventory and integrating climate change in development strategies.

“Salissou is a very experienced project manager and expert on agroforestry, climate change, vulnerability, impacts, adaptation and mitigation and sustainable development in Niger.”

Agroforestry | Vulnerability Analyses | Climate Change  | Prevention, risk and disaster management | Environmental Education | Value Chain Development | Project Management and Planning

Salissou Adamou previously worked as head division of reforestation, land and landscape management for the Ministry of Environment in Niger. Before that he was National Coordinator of Volunteer Department of the Nigerien Red Cross and worked for the Centre for Economic and Social Studies of the West Africa Regional Pole Niger CESAO/ PRN and for the Support Council for International Development (ACID-SA) and the Ministry of Water, Environment and the Fight Against Desertification (MELCD).

Engineer of Forestry Technology (ITA) at University of Niamey (UAM) / Faculty of Agronomy, Master Study Project Management at Superior School of Commerce and Business Administration (ESCAE) and a Master Study on Climate Change and Sustainable Development at AGRHYMET Regional Center.

m +227 96 40 40 20