Emiel Hanekamp


Emiel Hanekamp helps companies and governments in achieving their energy and climate targets, by providing insight into opportunities and by reducing risks.

“Emiel is an expert consultant and pleasant to work with; he delivers excellent quality against a fair price.”

CO2 Footprint and Reduction Strategies for Businesses and Government | Renewable Energy in Developing Countries | Sustainable Biomass Criteria | Climate and Energy | Bio-energy and Biofuels

Emiel has over 15 years of experience as an environmental and innovation consultant at PwC, PiMC, CapGemini, Public Works and ING. He supports both companies and governments in developing evaluation tools and in designing renewable energy plans.

Physics (University of Amsterdam – UvA) and Environment & Environmental Management (Free University of Amsterdam – VU)

m +31 (0)6 51 54 25 39
e e.hanekamp[at]partnersforinnovation.com

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