Zeinabou Hamani

Advisor Rural entrepreneurship – PfI Niger

Zeinabou Hamani is a sociologic expert with large experience in network building on rural entrepreneurship. Zeinabou is a consultant at Partners for Innovation and Assistant Coordinator at Agriprofocus Niger. She worked in the fields of agricultural entrepreneurship, rural development, waste management and basic education.

Agricultural entrepreneurship | Rural development | Waste Management | Education  | Sociology

Zeinabou Hamani has 10 years of experience in research for rural development, in monitoring, impact assessment and evaluation of projects, in conducting field surveys, in applying participatory approaches and in network and platform management. Before PfI and Agriprofocus, she worked for Oxfam and Plan Niger.

BSc degree Sociology and certificate-2 degree Sociology (Abdou Moumouni University in Niamey).