Partners for Innovation Opens 1st African Office in Niger

Partners for Innovation has opened its first overseas office in Niger (PfI Niger) to further expand its activities in West Africa. In Niger, Partners for Innovation will work on projects to build capacities in the fields of rural entrepreneurship, agroforestry, sustainable biomass, bio-energy and other renewable energy technologies. Rakiatou Gazibo is heading the Niger office.

In Niger, Partners for Innovation has studied options to scale up agroforestry with Oxfam and developed an economic model for agroforestry gardens to foster rural entrepreneurship. It has also actively supported the development of the Agri-ProFocus that supports a vibrant network of rural entrepreneurs and food security in Niger. To further grow the African business and continue to work closely together with local governments and international organisations, Partners for Innovation aims to develop several local hubs. Niger is number one. The Niger hub will have a regional function and will offer its services throughout the Ecowas area.

Managing Director Rakiatou Gazibo
According to Rakiatou Gazibo, the new managing director of PfI Niger, Partners for Innovation takes a unique approach. “We don’t just plant trees, but also want to improve agricultural production and best practices. We work closely together with the local community to increase their business opportunities and we strengthen organization capacities. This combination of a private enterprise working on public issues does not yet exist in Niger.”

Sinds 2004
Partners for Innovation has been active in the development of renewable energy and agroforestry in emerging and developing markets since 2004, mainly in Africa and to a lesser extent in South-East Asia. It has undertaken studies and missions in Bhutan, China, Ghana, India, Indonesia, Madagascar, Mali, Nepal, Niger, Nigeria, Mozambique, Senegal, South-Africa, Sri-Lanka, Tunisia, Zambia and Zimbabwe. Partners for Innovation employs eight sustainable innovation experts and works closely together with local experts in both Africa and Asia.

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