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Exploratory study: Agroforestry Enterprise Opportunities Senegal linked to Dutch Biobased Industries

Client: Netherlands Embassy in Senegal
Period: Spring 2015

Agroforestry systems in Senegal are a potential supplier of biomass and it’s substances for the biobased economy. Partners for Innovation has completed an exploratory study to identify agroforestry enterprise opportunities in Senegal to produce biomass substances for Dutch biobased industries. The study has been carried out for the Netherlands embassy in Dakar.

The biobased economy is growing strongly. More and more crops and residues from agriculture, forestry and the food industry are being used as green resources for the production of materials, chemicals, energy and fuel. This provides interesting economic opportunities for both the Netherlands – as a user of biomass – and for emerging and developing countries – as producers of biomass.

High potential substances are among others vegetable oils, pectin and Arabic gum. Most crops can provide more than one interesting substance which can increase the income for local farmers. As an agroforestry approach also increases biomass production (per hectare) and many crops can provide both food and biomass substances, this also has a positive impact on food security.

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