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ANWB - Compiling the Carbon Footprint

ANWB - Compiling the Carbon Footprint

Client: ANWB

The Royal Dutch Tourist Association ANWB is an association that uses an unique mix of influencing and service activities to look after the interests of her members in the fields of mobility, vacation and leisure time. Additionally she puts forth effort for environmental conservation and sustainable development in the broadest sense of the word.

Compiling the Carbon Footprint
The carbon footprint of the ANWB was compiled to be able to formulate policies and activities around climate change. This footprint, expressed in tonnes carbon emission, shows in which areas the environmental burden of the ANWB is greatest. The ANWB uses this first carbon footprint as a base measurement for 2007 and has already undertaken initial measures to reduce her carbon emissions.

Of the following ANWB organisational activities the carbon impact has been determined during the project:

  • Energy use buildings (direct and indirect);
  • Use of the company car fleet;
  • Commuting and business transportation of employees;
  • Other person transportation (repatriation clients);
  • Goods transport;
  • Purchasing of goods;
  • Purchasing of services.

Furthermore the ANWB initiatives for members and clients that can have a carbon impact have been listed.

Social Responsibility Annual Report
Guido van Woerkom, managing director of the ANWB, refers explicitly to the carbon footprint in the social responsibility annual report. He states: “Besides the areas where we can avoid carbon emissions, become greener or can compensate, we will of course continue to follow the chosen path. On numerous matters we as ANWB have been achieving nice successes for several years”.

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