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Eco-Innovation grant for BlackBear Carbon

Client: BlackBear Carbon
Period: 2011 - 2015

Black Bear Carbon, has developed a process to recover carbon black from used tires. Carbon black is an additive in rubber, plastics and paints used to improve the properties of end products made of these materials.  The harvested material is upcycled and used in high performance products including new tires.

Sustainable production of carbon black from used tires
Currently manufacturers of carbon black use the “furnace black” process, in which oil is used as feedstock. This leads to high CO₂ emissions and other forms of environmental pollution. Black Bear Carbon aims to produce carbon black in a sustainable manner. This project demonstrates an installation for the production of carbon black from old car tires. The produced material is tested by Italian project partner Trelleborg Wheel Systems..

Eco-Innovation Grant
Partners for Innovation has assisted Black Bear Carbon in developing the project plan and preparing the application for the Eco-Innovation grant. During the project Partners for Innovation provided project management support and conducted an assessment of the environmental impacts of the process compared to conventional carbon black production.

Eco-Innovation is a European grant to support innovation among SME’s and to improve their competitiveness.

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