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BTC - CO2-footprint and strategy

BTC - CO2-footprint and strategy

Client: Belgian Technical Cooperation
Period: 2008

The Belgian Technical Cooperation (BTC) supports developing countries in their fight against poverty and contributes to sustainable human development.

Since 2002 BTC has been the proud possessor of the ‘eco label’ issued by the Brussels Institute for Environmental Management. In 2006, BTC was also registered as an EMAS company and the agency acquired ISO 14001 certification.

Climate Change is a serious global problem affecting poor countries in the southern hemisphere in a disproportionate way. BTC’s activities can be influenced by Climate Change on the one hand and can help to prevent Climate Change on the other. Therefore BTC has commissioned Partners for Innovation and Prospect C&S to make a CO2-footprint of 2007 activities and propose a CO2-strategy to reduce BTC’s emissions. BTC is now in the process of implementing the suggested measures.

CO2-emission Reduction Projects
BTC is in the unique position to take up one or more CO2-emission reduction projects in one of their partner countries themselves. These projects can both contribute to the reduction of CO2-emissions and development cooperation.”

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