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Daf Trucks - Ecodesign training and LCA Tool

Client: Daf Trucks
Period: 2007 - 2016

DAF Trucks – a subsidiary of PACCAR – is a leading truck producer in Europe. DAF is continuously working on reducing the environmental impact of their products and activities. Since 2007 Partners for Innovation has been offering a a practical Ecodesign training for engineers and designers.

All design engineers working at DAF Trucks have to become familiar with the concept and tools of Ecodesign. Since 2007 we have trained more than 200 engineers of DAF trucks to apply Ecodesign tools through practical exercises. After the two-day training the engineers are able to apply the tools in their own projects. The training is provided by two product design specialists of Partners for Innavation.

Ecodesign LCA Tool
Partners for Innovation developed a DAF Ecodesign LCA tool, to measure and compare the environmental impact and total cost of ownership of current DAF components and new concepts. The impact is calculated over the total life cycle: materials, production processes, the use phase and end-of-life. The Ecodesign LCA tool is an integrated part of the development process.

EcoDesign Award
Part of the training is the “Ecodesign Award”, presented by Ron Borsboom, director Product Development. For the award all participants work on a case from their own practice. The training has delivered several implemented products and components for the new Euro6 truck, resulting in substantial reduction of the environmental impact and cost savings.

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