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EU-India ECCP - Fair Trade

India Fair Trade

Client: EU-India Economic Cross Cultural Programme
Period: 2005-2006

The objective of the project was to empower Indian fair trade producers and marketing organizations to achieve a sustainable presence on the European handicraft market. Specific objectives were to improve the knowledge and information base of 30 fair trade producers and marketing organizations on trends, design and marketing aspects of EU handicraft market and on legal, environmental and logistic requirements of EU markets.

Project Approach
The project was financially supported by the EU–INDIA Economic Cross Cultural Programme (ECCP) of the European Union. Fair Trade Original (NL), Traidcraft Exchange (UK) and Fair Trade Forum India executed the project, together with experts from Europe and India.

The following activities where executed:

  • Kick-off seminar (100 participants)
  • Studies (Market trends and EU regulations)
  • Workshops (60 participants)
  • Field trips to India and Europe (16 participants)
  • Pilot projects with 8 producer and marketing organisations
  • Final seminar (100 participants).

The EU–INDIA SHARE program had a special significance for the Indian fair trade producers and marketing organizations. It has considerably helped them to understand and adapt to the various requirements of the European market. As the European market is the most important market for Indian fair trade producers, the project has helped to sustain their businesses. The professional inputs obtained through the project will be very helpful for the Indian organizations to survive in the highly competitive EU market.

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