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EU - Renewable Energy in Emerging and Developing Countries (RTD4EDC)

EU - Renewable Energy in Emerging and Developing Countries

Client: European Commission - DG Research
Period: 2007 - 2008

Future energy demand worldwide will increase by 45% in 2030. To be able to meet this demand, respond to the threats of climate change and also improve access to energy for the very poor in emerging and developing countries -especially in rural areas- renewable energy technologies play a crucial role.

The “RTD4EDC” project aimed at developing recommendations for European Commission RTD&D policy to increase the share of renewables in Emerging and Developing Countries (EDC’s) with European technologies. Partners for Innovation carried out this policy support study for the DG Research of the European Commission together with three experienced partners form EDC’s: ESENERG in Paraguay, NanoEnergy Ltd in South-Africa and IT Power India Ltd in India.

The potential for renewable energy in EDC’s is high and RTD&D is an enabling factor in:

  • Furthering the implementation of renewable energy in EDC’s;
  • Facilitating the EU industry to access these high potential markets.

However, these impacts should be improved.


  • Building strong, durable partnerships between EU and EDC research communities.
  • Building strategic partnerships between EU industry and local stakeholders.
  • RTD&D efforts should be focussed on specific local needs and socio-economic circumstances.
  • Improving the learning curve by ensuring previously acquired knowledge is available and accessible.

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