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GESTERRA - A monitoring protocol to improve land governance in Mozambique

Client: Netherlands Embassy in Mozambique
Period: 2013 - 2014

Partners for Innovation works with the Netherlands Embassy in Mozambique, Mrs Célia Jordão, to develop a monitoring protocol for a land governance project called GESTERRA.

The State of Mozambique formally owns all the land and issues user rights to anyone who wants to develop land-based economic activities. The system fosters conflict, as people with user rights not always use the land, that then others may start developing. Moreover, the cadastral system is outdated. Past efforts to modernise the system where only partly successful.

The Netherlands and Swedish Embassies joined forces to support the Department of Forests and Land (DNTF) to absorb assets of past development projects, such as an electronic cadastral system. DNTF manages the € 21 million project, which aims to address both social concerns and promote investments.

Partners for Innovation formed a Dutch-Mozambiquan team to develop a monitoring protocol and fielded a mission in November of 2013. Main findings:

  • Government agencies appear to have their own pace of progress
  • Disciplinary contract clauses work counter-productive
  • It is unclear if GESTERRA will improve its performance or if it will work towards a self-sustaining and learning sector.

In June 2014 Partners for Innovation will carry out a second mission to find answers to these questions and to finalise the draft monitoring protocol.

The Dutch Embassy Support Programme, administered by the Centre for Development Innovation from the University of Wageningen, finances the assignment.

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