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Jathropa Alliance - Toolbox RSB certification

Jatropha Alliance

Client: Jathropa Alliance
Period: 2010 - 2012

The EU wants to achieve considerable reduction of greenhouse gas emissions: at least 35% compared to fossil fuels, rising to 50% in 2017. It also wants to guarantee that biofuels are not originating from forests, wetlands and protected nature areas. As a result of the new European guidelines, certification has become very important.

Meeting new standards
Partners for Innovation worked closely together with the Jatropha Alliance and GEXSI to prepare feedstock producers for the certification process, placing them in front positions to anticipate legislative and market developments. They made an inventory of existing sustainability frameworks and standards for three Jatropha producers in Mozambique, and well as an analysis of which standard can best be used for the production of Jatropha. The results were presented at several conferences, among others in Moshi, Tanzania and at Jathropa World 2010 Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

Toolbox for RSB certification
The three partner organisations also developed a toolbox for biomass producers who want to comply with the Roundtable on Sustainable Biofuels (RSB) standard. The toolbox consists of:

  1. A self assessment that addresses: suitability of RSB, analysis of the distance to (scope) certification targets, reporting and guidelines regarding the required proof (documents).
  2. Guidelines for the development of a roadmap to meet the RSB standard.
  3. Guidelines about the certification process.


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