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Amsterdam University: Market Survey “Circular Design and Smart Production”

Client: Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences
Period: 2014

The Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS) asked Partners for Innovation to conduct a market survey on “Circular Design and Smart Production”. The survey provides input for the focus of this new research theme and for the profile of a new lector Smart Production.

To achieve sustainable production, a clever use of materials and production techniques in combination with circular thinking is essential. Circular Design means investigating how production cycles can be closed and on what scale this is effective. Either through the use of renewable materials, the shift from ownership to use, reuse, recycling and upcycling. Smart Production involves the application of new advanced production methods – such as 3D printing – that can make customized and personalized products with associated services and new business models.

40 market interviews
Partners for Innovation has interviewed 40 people from leading companies and knowledge institutions in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area (MRA). Market parties see the need for applied research on new applications for smart production technologies, new forms of co-operation and the exchange and use of ICT and big data. They are also interested to find out how smart production can contribute to a circular and smart city.

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