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Masterclass Circular Economy for CEO's of Innovative Companies

Period: 2014 - current

The Masterclass Circular Economy is developed, together with Kirkman Company and Circle Economy, for CEO’s of innovative companies. The inspiring, interactive and practical program is focussed on multiple value creation for your company.

The goals of the Masterclass are threefold:

  1. What is the value of the Circular Economy?
  2. What opportunities does this offer me and my organisation?
  3. Which business proposition is the most promosing?

To maximise the creativity and impact of the workshop, you are invited to bring a colleague. Someone who fits the role of ‘change-agent’ or intrapreneur and who is able to implement new business opportunities within your organisation.

The Masterclass is organized twice a year. The result is an elaborated circular business proposition for your company, visualized in a infographic. Check our events agenda for the upcoming date for the Masterclass.

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